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I Pass The Time With Silly Things

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My life with my girlfriend :P <3

mohawkdandy replied to your post: Who’s your patron troll?

Wait, on second thought I realized that it’s supposed to be you. For some reason the first thing I jumped to was thinking you’d accidentally let some Tavros slip into that drawing. You did good drawing. ♥

As Adam attempts to be the good parent that tries to dispersers what the fuck the macaroni art is actually of.

My art is officially mohawkdandy fridge worthy.


keep holding on.

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 cartilagetv answered your question:everytime i finish a painting i have nothing to do

Gamzee and Vriska bitchfitting it out over Tavros.

the saddest thing is i actually spent time on thinking about the symbolism behind their poses..

(oh hey all headcanon super-tall people in same picture)

Good Gamzee, best friend.

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